Naomi offers a range of services to meet athlete needs, across the UK These services also extend to performance environments outside of sport, such as in offices and workplaces. See below for more details.

Individual Consultation

Individual consultation refers to a one-on-one session between the client and the consultant. This allows for a detailed exploration and discussion of client needs, including aspects of their performance and lifestyle. The practitioner will also be able to deliver psychological support or an intervention plan, appropriate to client needs.

Group Workshops

Group workshops are ideal for introducing a range of psychological principles and benefits to a team or group of athletes. Workshops are interactive, allowing for both education and practicing  methods of applying psychological principles to optimize both sporting performance and individual well-being. Workshops are ideal for athletes, coaches and parents, and can include topics such as team cohesion, dealing with pressure and improving quality of practice.

Performance/ Organizational Psychology

Aspects of performance psychology can also be applied in a workplace setting. Organizational psychology can be applied to produce benefits such as optimizing performance in staff, encouraging group cohesion and relationships, and managing stress and pressures in the workplace.


Fees will be discussed on a case by case basis however general rates are listed below. First consultancy sessions will be free of charge. Workshop fees will again be dependent on factors such as group size and needs, and does not include any additional costs such as room hire.

Individual Consultancy: £30/per hour

Group Workshops: £50/ per hour

Organisational psychology: Negotiable

Naomi is also able to offer services such as the development of programmes for psychological development, for both teams or individual athletes.

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