NCW PERFORMANCE offers a range of sports massage services.

How Can I Benefit From Sports Massage?

Sports Massage can provide many benefits, including:

  • improved relaxation.
  • minimal muscle tension.
  • higher range of movement.
  • scar tissues improvement.
  • better recovery by raising blood circulation to the affected spot.
  • mitochondrial development, which is the power station for muscle.

Is sports massage suitable for me?

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage – this is ideal for anyone engaging in any form of sport/exercise, or performing repetitive movements. Sports massage is also useful for anyone looking to prepare for an event (e.g half marathon), as well as being a useful tool in aiding muscle recovery.

Costs and Session Structure

Sessions are designed to meet individual and team needs.

Individual Massage:

  • Booster Session (30 minutes) – £15.00

Ideal for: Individuals engaging in a regular/intense exercise regime.

  • 45 minute session – £25.00:

Ideal for: Basic maintenance and recovery.

  • 1 hour session – £30.00

Ideal for: Extensive recovery and maintenance.

  • Intense (1.5 hours) – £35.00

Ideal for: work on multiple problem areas and more complex conditions. 

Normally these sessions will include 10-15 minutes of consultation/debrief (5 mins in booster sessions).

You will be asked to complete a preliminary information form prior to your first sessions.

Team/Event Massage

NCWPERFORMANCE is available for events and team services. Please contact Naomi if you are interested in hiring for a team or event.